What Sets Us Apart

Exceptional Orthodontic Care Creates Exceptionally Beautiful Smiles!

Everyone at Atlantic Orthodontics believes you deserve a wonderfully healthy and radiant smile that allows your confident personality to shine.

We also believe you deserve orthodontic treatment that is tailored to your specific needs and concerns, while constantly exceeding your expectations.

We are committed to providing you with a high-quality orthodontic experience and excellent customer service, as you achieve the life-changing smile you deserve!

Creating Friendships, Crafting Smiles

As you step into our Ormond Beach orthodontic office and are greeted by name, you’ll know you’re in a unique office.

Dr. Brianne DeSantis and our team members are experienced, dedicated professionals. We’re also warm and personable, and treasure the opportunity to build friendships with each person we have the honor to treat. We do more than straighten teeth and improve self-esteem: we care about you, the person who owns the smile, and want only the best for you!

What’s Different at Atlantic Orthodontics?

We have served our community since 2007, creating one-of-a-kind smiles for children, teens, and adults. Since we know that choosing orthodontic treatment is choosing to make a lasting, wonderful change in your life, we believe you should enjoy the journey.

  • We are passionate about communication. We’ll always listen to you, respect your wishes, and immediately respond to any concerns you have. We promise always to be honest and direct, and to keep you informed, engaged, and encouraged at every step of your treatment journey!
  • We make patient education a core part of our service. It’s important for you to understand the treatment plan — what we’re doing and why — and what you’ll need to do. It’s just as important that you understand why and how to keep your mouth clean and healthy during and after treatment. We want you to finish treatment with an incredible smile and the knowledge to keep it healthy and beautiful for life!
  • We provide leading-edge treatment options for the best results. Dr. DeSantis offers only proven, advanced orthodontic care. Because she’s skilled with a variety of processes and techniques, she’s able to customize every part of your treatment. You’ll receive the right care for your clinical and personal needs!
  • We stay current on advances in treatment and technology. Dr. DeSantis and our clinical team complete many hours of continuing professional education each year. By learning about and evaluating new approaches and options, we ensure we’re providing the best orthodontic care and experience as you achieve your best smile!

Learn More

Before starting orthodontic treatment, it’s essential you understand your clinical situation, all treatment options, and the financial details. It’s equally as important for you to choose a doctor and team that you trust and feel confident working with.

We invite you to come and talk with us about your smile goals. You’ll learn more about our practice, the services we offer, and how we can get you to the beautifully healthy and confident smile you deserve. Please contact our Ormond Beach, FL orthodontic office, serving Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, and surrounding communities, to schedule a complimentary, no-pressure consultation.

Dr. DeSantis and everyone at Atlantic Orthodontics is excited you’re considering changing your life, or that of your child, through orthodontic treatment. We can’t wait to start the journey to your new smile. Schedule your consultation today!